Who We Are

RateMLM is run by a team of 6 people. We review every company ourselves – in many cases even creating accounts and testing products offered by the company. We do NOT promote ANY MLM company on the site. All reviews are honest, up to date, and written with the best information available at the time of publishing.

We do not share our personal information because:
1. We do not want the headaches of being contacted by MLM promoters personally.

2. We do not want companies to try and ‘recruit’ us.

3. We do not want companies to debate us non-stop if they feel like our review is not favorable to them.

4. Since at any given point we may be in a company to test its products and processes out, we do not want companies to claim that we approve of them.

Again, please note – we NEVER promote any MLM company with any link. We publish positive or negative reviews and they stand on their own merit. We receive no compensation from any company for the reviews we publish.

The web desperately needs a neutral place where people can rate companies, share their experience, and post good or bad about any company. RateMLM is that place!


  1. I’m a company owner/officer and feel your review is inaccurate.
    Ans – Please submit a message via the contact form with whatever accuracies you feel exist and we will correct the review accordingly if your view has merit.
  2. I am in company ___________, will you consider promoting it?
    Ans – No. We do not ‘promote’ any company on our site.
  3. I would like you to publish a review of company _____________ .
    Ans – Please send a message noting the company details, the links to the company and why you think it should be reviewed (good or bad) and we’ll take a look.